Turkish Society for Electron Microscopy

The Turkish Society for Electron Microscopy was founded in 1971 in Istanbul, Turkey. The president of the first executive committee was Prof. Dr. Türkan ERBENGİ. (İstanbul University, İstanbul Medical Faculty, Histology & Embryology Department)

The Society with 650 members aims to unite all the electron microscopists both in biological and material sciences in Turkey.
The main objective of the Society is to support and maintain the professional relations among the members to encourage scientific studies, to organize scientific meetings and courses to keep information transfer actual and to keep in touch with well-developed foreign electron microscopy centers.

For these purposes, The Turkish Society for Electron Microscopy has organized 22 biannual national electron microscopy congresses with international participations.

In addition, it has participated for the organization of scientific courses and conferences. As an annual activity of the Society, scheduled conferences are organized by experienced Turkish and foreign electron microscopists in different scientific centers.
The Turkish Society for Electron Microscopy has been a member of IFSM (International Federation of Societies of Microscopy), EMS (European Microscopy Society) , IFSHC (International Federation of Societies for Histochemistry and Cytochemistry) since 2001 and Multinational Microscopy Society since 2013.

In recent years, the members of The Turkish Society for Electron Microscopy has an increasing interest in the participation to the congresses organized by these mentioned International Societies.

Executive Committee of Turkish Society for Electron Microscopy

Yurdagül CANBERK (Honorary President)
Serap ARBAK  (President)
Servet TURAN (Vice President)
Selma YILMAZER  (Secretary General)
Matem TUNÇDEMİR (Treasurer)
Suzan DAĞLIOĞLU (Councilor)
Mehmet Ali GÜLGÜN (Councilor)
Sevinç İNAN (Councilor)