Hinke Multhaupt

Short biosketch Hinke Multhaupt
Graduated in Human Biology from the Free University in Amsterdam.
Obtained a PhD in Molecular Biology  from the University of Stuttgart and did a 5 year post-doc there (from 1985-1991).
I became clinical assistant professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA (from 1991-2001).
I returned to Europe to take a senior research officer position in the department of Biomedical Sciences  at Imperial College London, UK (from 2001-2006).
Since 2007, I have been an Associate Professor at the Univerisity of Copenhagen.

Past president of the Histochemical Society (2006-2007)
Current  treasurer of the IFSHC.

My active research areas are:
. Heparan sulphate biosynthesis and regulation
. Role of cell surface proteoglycans in tumour progression and invasion
. Cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion
. Analysis techniques: conventional and confocal microscopy, live cell imaging including TIRF and FRET, electron microscopy including immuno-electron microscopy