Gunnar Pejler is presently employed as Professor of Medical Biochemistry at the Uppsala University (Sweden). Pejler received his PhD degree in 1988 on a thesis based on the structural basis for the anticoagulant activity of heparan sulfate and heparin. Pejler then conducted post doc studies in Sydney (Australia) to study the pro-coagulant activities of macrophages. After returning to Sweden, Pejler received an assistant professor position followed by an associate professor and in 2002 Pejler was appointed full professor. The research of Pejler has a major focus on mast cell biology, with a particular focus on the proteases and proteoglycans that are expressed by mast cells and are stored in their secretory granules. Moreover, Pejler’s research interests include apoptosis in the mast cell context, epigenetics of mast cell activation and the role of mast cells in cancer, asthma and in bacterial infection. Pejler has authored over 150 publications.