Elisabetta Falcieri

Degrees in Biological Sciences and in Medicine in Bologna University , Italy.

Since 1990 member of the Italian Society of Microscopical Sciences and, since 2014, SISM President. From November 1983 to October 1984  Research Assistant at University Medical School, Geneva (CH).
Since 1989 Italian Research National Council Associate.

Researcher in Bologna University Medical School, Associate Professor in Chieti University, and, since March 2001, Full Professor of Anatomy in the Faculty of Health and Physical Exercise of Urbino University Carlo Bo.
Chairperson of LM-67 second level Degree Course,  she was Coordinator of the the PhD Course of "Molecular and morpho-functional methods applied to physical exercise" and, actually,  of the interclass PhD Course of “Life Sciences, Health and Biotechnology”.
She teaches Human Anatomy in first level course,  Clinical Anatomy in the second level course and Clinical Anatomy of Motor System in the Master Course "Functional rehabilitation and applied Posturology”
Between 2009 and 2015 she was Rector Delegate for Urbino University Department Organization.

She is also member of European Microscopy Society, Italian Society of Anatomy, Italian Society of Histochemistry and of the Italian Societies of Cell Cultures, Cytometry, Myology and Cell Biology and Differentiation. On September 4-9  2011 she organized in Urbino the “10th Multinational Congress on Microscopy” together with Austrian, Croatian, Czechoslovak, Hungarian, Serbian and Slovene Microscopy Societies. She is reviewer for a number of international journals.

She is author of the Italian edition of "Netter Atlas of Neurosciences", Masson eds., Milano, 2004 and also of 2010 edition by Elsevier eds. She is co-author of the text "Anatomia dell'Apparato Locomotore", ediSES, Napoli, 2008, and of the Netter’s Atlas of Neurosciences, EDRA eds., 2016.

Since 2016 she is  Management Committee  member of COST Action 15214 “An integrative action for multidisciplinary studies on cellular networks”, Bruxelles. Her research is mostly addressed to the morpho-functional features of cell death in hemopoietic, nerve, muscle, cartilage and epithelial cells, studied by means of a variety of molecular and microscopical approaches and in response to different treatments. She is author of 487 scientific publications, 179 full papers.