Çağdaş SON

During his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at METU, his interest in molecular biology, biochemistry, organic chemistry and microbiology has led to his work in structural biology. During PhD studies, he worked on the interaction of peptide ligands with G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). During these studies, he has gained experience in many molecular and biochemical techniques such as western blot, chemical and photoactive cross-linking, mass spectrometry, site directed mutagenesis and fluorescence microscopy. He continued his post-doctoral studies at the University of Tennessee and California Institute of Technology for over four years, working on protein-protein interactions and analysis of these interactions. During this time he intensified his work on new methods to understand the interactions of cell membrane proteins with each other, with other proteins and with small peptide ligands.

In 2009 he start working at Middle East Technical University, currently his work focuses on the identification of motifs that play important roles in protein-protein interactions by applying rapidly developing fluorescence microscopy, bioinformatics and computational biology techniques.