Bruno Humbel

Director, Electron Microscopy Centre, University of Lausanne Switzerland

Bruno M. Humbel graduated in Biochemistry at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich, Switzerland. He was privileged to do his Ph.D with Dr. Martin Müller in the group of Prof. Dr. Hans Moor at the Institute of Cell Biology, ETH.
After a postdoc period of four years at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry in Munich, he joined the lab for Electron Microscopy and Structure Analysis at Utrecht University in the group of Prof. Dr. Arie J. Verkleij, where he held the position of an associate professor. Since 1st February 2010 he is head of the Electron Microscopy Centre at Lausanne University.

Bruno Humbel’s main interest is to develop preparation methods for (electron) microscopy, which not only allow a glimpse into life at high resolution, but also enable identification and localisation of the machinery of life within cells. The aim is to visualise the living cell at low resolution and to zoom in to analyse its ultrastructure at high resolution: The gateway to in situ biological nanostructures.
Recently, his research focuses on correlative microscopy and to introduce the FIB/SEM technology into life science. He is teaching electron microscopy and preparation methods at Lausanne University and cryo-techniques and immunolabelling in different workshops in Europe and Asia.

His bibliography includes 85 scientific papers, 8 professional and popular papers, 16 invited lectures at conferences, 18 invited lectures at foreign institutes, more than 75 conference papers, more than 110 conference abstracts, 15 monograph chapters, 1 edited book and 1 patent application.