Irina Kolotueva

Dr. Kolotuev received her PhD from Technion, Israel, using multiple light microscopy techniques to address the questions of organogenesis and evolution in nematodes. During her postdoctoral training at IGBMC, France, she further characterized tubulogenesis using electron microscopy (EM) to visualize the C. elegans excretory cell. Concurrently, she developed the Correlative Light (CLEM) procedure for observing multicellular samples. Since March, 2011, as the Head of the EM facility at IGDR, France, she developed new EM methods to observe multicellular model organisms including C. elegansDrosophila and zebrafish. Using these methods, she more accurately described cell polarity, cell division and cell junction organization. Her overreaching goal was to obtain reliable EM methods that could be used to address long-standing questions in cell and developmental biology. To reach this goal, she used several approaches including HPF, CLEM, positional correlation, SBF-SEM, and Array Tomography.